ARTIST STATEMENT: As a provider of fine art prints of wild and endangered animals, I take pride in offering the best in accurate illustration and artful presentation. Art of the Ark is dedicated to helping to preserve the world's biodiversity.

I was a Fine Arts major at both the University of Missouri and University of Arkansas. I also have a Master of Science degree from the University of Michigan. My writings and illustrations have been published in scholarly journals at both national and international levels.

Earning my Environmental Educator Certificate from the state of North Carolina is one of my resent accomplishments as well as working as an editor for a scientific publisher. I  coordinated a book about water quality and health, written by an international team of over 20 scientific authors.

I have traveled to Africa four times, the most recently in August 2018 as an on-site water purification unit instillation team member. Also, using my nursing background, I taught classes on hygiene and reproductive health to the rural Kenyans.

Being an education docent in the sea turtle rehabilitation center at a North Carolina aquarium, supports my strong interest in endangered animals and conservation efforts. While at the aquarium, I created a unique, hands-on, public education display on "Marine Medical Marvels" showing human health benefits of preserving aquatic life. I have a published article discussing these benefits in detail. I take part in injured sea turtle rehabilitation, respond to marine mammal stranding, and help with autopsies on nonviable marine creatures.


About the Artist Art of the Ark, Alice Elaine McKeown

Alice Elaine McKeown M.S.N., R.N. CEEc-local artist, Outer Banks, North Carolina

It is our pleasure to inform you that our publication, Impact of Water Pollution on Human Health and Environmental Sustainability, has been completed! We invite you to take a quick preview on the IGI Global website.


Art of the Ark –you see nine endangered animals representing world regions:

  • American Eagle-North America
  • Chamois Goat-Europe
  • Giraffe-Africa
  • Green Sea Turtle-Atlantic Ocean
  • Humpback Whale-Worldwide
  • Polar Bear-Artic
  • South China Tiger-Asia
  • Spider Monkey-South America
  • Spiney Dogfish-Pacific/Atlantic

The Outer Banks first lured me here as a tourist, several years ago. I have now become a full time resident. This offers me the opportunity to take part in things that are special to the location here on the Atlantic Ocean.

All these activities are great inspiration for my art work, as many of my subjects include animals and scenery of the area. My background in nursing also leads to my interest in the scientific aspects and health applications of plants and animals. Lloyd

Art of the Ark –you see nine endangered animals representing world regions[ click to enlarge ]